Towards FOOD 2030
FIT4FOOD2030 supports the European Commission with implementing its FOOD 2030 policy initiative, for the urgently needed change in the European food system. FOOD 2030 aims to find research and innovation solutions to the challenges facing our food system, such as obesity, malnutrition, hunger, climate change, scarce resources, and waste. 

FOOD 2030 Platform
On this page you can register as a stakeholder to the FOOD 2030 Platform; a sustainable, multi-stakeholder platform, mobilising a wide variety of stakeholders at the level of cities, regions, countries, and Europe. The Platform informs the European Commission in deciding on research priorities for a sustainable food system, considering the values, needs and expectations of society.

Registering to the FOOD 2030 Platform involves receiving news related to the project and being invited to occasional surveys and events.
More information on the project's objectives, the FOOD 2030 Platform, and the people and organisations involved can be found on
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